Throwing Down The Shovels

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In a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine, President Barack Obama admitted that there are no shovel ready projects for the stimulus bill to fund. The admission seemed almost surprising that the president finally admitted what many of us have known for the past year and a half.

The liberal reaction was also on surprising. They were glad that the president was telling us the truth. Telling us the truth. Finally? For almost 2 years, President Obama stepped up to just about any lectern that was available and touted the success of his stimulus program. The shovels were getting ready to go underground. The shovel ready projects were ready. Cranes were appearing in the skyline. Then, after a year and a half of telling us about all the shovel ready projects that were going to be started, President Obama comes out on Labor Day and proposes-guess what-shovel ready projects.

Spending over $800 billion and even more than what the Iraq war costs United States, the shovel ready projects were funded with enough money to replace about half of the roads across the United States. Yet, the shovel ready projects never began. Unemployment stayed high, construction workers remained out of work. What happened?

For almost 2 years now, Democrats have been giving us the same talking points. We were losing 750,000 jobs every month. Recently the number moved up to 800,000 jobs per month. Was there a miscount? The Liberals are also giving resident Obama a pass on what has become his greatest failure in office. The economic failure. Liberals keep saying on how President Obama inherited too big of a problem for anyone to sell. Well my fellow Americans, the presidency is not an inherited office. The 44 men who have all held the presidency have wanted it. Almost all of them were elected. None fell heir to it. None.

After becoming disgusted with what the Republicans have done in Congress and with the White House, Democrats were elected in 2006 and 2008 as an alternative to fix things. They have not. They have prolonged this economic crisis and made it worse. They have not even come close to fixing it despite a few ideas that they have tried. All have failed.

The Democrats have no record to run on despite their legislative agenda which has been passed and the people of this country are going to begin to pay for. And a couple of short months, the citizens of this country will begin paying 10 years of taxes for six years of benefits for Obama care. Now, on the campaign trail, President Obama is accusing voters of being scared and not making the correct decision at the voting booth. Although this will be true for the Democrat votes, President Obama should have reassured the American people that we are on the right track and on our way to economic recovery. So why are we scared? Were scared because we know that two more years of Democrat dominance will add $5 trillion to the national debt. It will mean two more years of high unemployment. It will mean two more years of government dependence. It will mean two more years of people turning to the government for supplemental income because the private sector does not have the certainty of what operational costs are going to be forced upon companies by the government in terms of regulation, health care, and taxes. It is a dark time in the history of this country.

November 2 may not be a defining point in the history of this country, but it may be a turning point. It may be a day when the American people have refuted the policies of this failed presidency and the failed Congress. It may be a time when we have decided that we cannot spend our way to prosperity. It may be a time when we once again realize that government is not part of our problem, government is the problem. It has gotten too large and taxes too much. It also spends way too much. And America may finally decide that we are through digging ourselves deeper into a hole to convince ourselves it is the only way to get out. It is time that we put down the shovels.

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