Over the week-end, I was having a little fun over establishing a Coffee Party as a reflection of the Tea Party. One of the things that I found was that nonsense writing is often more difficult than making sense.


The scary thing is, that as one gets into it, that within the context of nonsense playing, it almost starts making sense. Some serious people close at hand didn't find any humor in it.  Humor is difficult to create.  So perhaps I should not try to learn a new trade and remain in my serious or sarcastic mode.


On a very serious subject, driving through Shorewood over the weekend I saw the superstructure of Capitol and Oakland and it seems to be shaping up pretty well. 'Looks expensive.


But like the USS George H W Bush, the new 6-billion dollar super aircraft carrier, one might wonder what's its purpose in these times?  Pretty expensive too and for what purpose?  It created jobs and it will continue to cost plenty.


Meanwhile what about our infrastructures?  What about our sewers here locally and what about the need to modernize what makes our physical system work all over the country?

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