When the U.S. space program was launched, every American, including school chidlren, were told that NASA was set up in 1958 for "peaceful space exploration."  Since then we have all been lied to over and over about our "peaceful missions" in space.  The U.S. never joined with other nations to declare space a peaceful place for the good of mankind.  And the other nations are still waiting for the U.S.

On January 31, 2000 NASA launched the space shuttle Endeavor from the pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  What was Endeavor's primary mission and objective?  To carry out a military operation.  Endeavor spent 11-days in orbit, its primary purpose was a topology mapping of the Earth.  It provided high-resolution three-dimensional maps of 80% of the Earth's surface.  NASA has received over $200 million for the shuttle flight from the Pentagon.  Most of these maps were classified "TOP SECRET" and put under the control of the military.  But there are more dirty tricks afloat.

Not only were those maps possible sources for bombing missions anywhere on earth, they were a service to the war corporations.  The government is not interested in investing in the commercial use of these maps.  But war corporations are.  Greed corporations are drooling at the mother-lode of profits from the maps.

Commercial and self-indulgent uses by U.S. corporations is also very interested in the Moon.  It is helium-3.  Helium-3 could be used for fusion power back on Earth.  And I don't mean for electriicity for our homes only.

It has been estimated that one metric ton of helium-3 to be worth over $3 billion.  At Princeton University's Plasma Physics Laboratory, it has been estimated that the top layer of the Moon has one million tons of helium-3 that could be extracted.

The military and commercial potential is fabulous.  Who will police the Moon?  Why hasn't the U.S. signed on with other nations to promote peaceful use of what we take from the Moon?  The Moon Treaty, signed by other nations, restricts "ownership claims."  Why hasn't the U.S. signed?

The U.S. Space Command has a plan titled Vision for 2020.  Quoting from it:  "Historically, military forces have evolved to protect national interests and investments --both military and economic.  During the rise of sea commerce, nations built navies to protect and enhance their commerical interests. . . .Likewise, space forces will emerge to protect military and commercial national interests and investments in the space medium due to their increasing importance."

"NASA is not really looking for the 'origins of life,' as it tells school children.  Instead, it is laying the groundwork for a new gold rush that will drain our national treasury and enrich the big corporations that now control our government.  It is beyond time for the American people to wake up to the shell game underway."  -this quote and more here garnered from an article by Bruce K. Gagnon in "Worldwide WAMM" in their October, 2010 issue, pp. 4 & 7  ...also find out more at:

It is easy to recognize that there are Americans who like to call for military catastrophes and enormous military actions from their comfortable armchair.  Especially the people who have little or nothing at risk like to "shoot off their mouth and our guns."  It is time to stop playing with world extinction by little boys with big guns.  There is one Earth, and we damn-well better get to live with each other or we all will be exterminated.  Of course, like everyone, I know who and where the violent crazies are who promote such terrorism.  But we also should know that some of these crazies are right here in America, and some of them hold high positions in the Pentagon, and some are CEOs of huge corporations. 

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