It appears to be more and more common for people to be in denial about many things.  Often it is amusing to watch people go through life totally unconcerned or unable to acknowledge what is obvious in their lives or themselves.  But it can also be very damaging and hurtful, not only to themselves but others as well.  Many revolve around simple ignorance or prejudice.  And this ignorance and/or prejudice can be cloaked in oh-so-proper language and actions.  But it is still ignorance and prejudice.

Why is it so difficult to realize and acknowledge that all people are not born the same when it comes to sexual preference or gender identity?  Considering the horrendous avalanche of bigotry that gays, lesbians, and trans-gendered people have to deal with, do you think anyone would choose to have to be confronted with that? 

It has clearly been established that people are born with these "proclivities" and that they are not a decision or matter of choice.  Who has established this?  Just about every person in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, etc.  Yet there are those who not only want to deny this, they want to "punish" people who do not have the same gender identity that they do.  It is a form of bigotry, and all bigotry is based on ignorance or purposely denying facts.  But this is also true with climate change.

Congressman Sensenbrenner, an extreme right-wing nut in the U.S. House, called a man in to testify against the overwhelming scientific and historical evidence that the climate is changing and it is being caused by humans.  The man Sensenbrenner selected was as goofy as he is.  The man made sweeping statements denying climate change.  Then we came to find out that the man has no credentials to comment on the subject...none.  When confronted on the science he was denying, the best he could do was stumble and ignorantly ramble.  Sound familiar? 

These idiiotic concepts are no better or worse than when the Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, was embarrassed and covered up the naked statues in federal buildings.  And now we have a man, Ron Johnson, running for a U.S. Senate seat in Wisconsin, who claims that any climate change is temporary and is caused by sun spots.  Once again, over 95% of scientists in the world think this is ignorant and ridiculous.  No matter.   There are a percentage of people who WANT to believe it and that is good enough for them.  There are also people who believe in all sorts of miracles and voodoo and hocus pocus.  Thank goodness, sick people in the industrialized world are not treated by hocus-pocus and rely on real science and medicine.

There are Americans who believe people of color are intellectually inferior.  That very belief indicates who is of inferior intelligence: the people stating such bigotry.  And if you read the comments connected to this blog, people who are anonymous think they can spew out all kinds of bigotry related to gender, race, religion, etc.  And they have been purchased by war corporations and greed corporations to blame everything on liberals...even race, gender, religion, etc.  These are people who should be confronted and set straight.  This sort of bigoted nonsense has gone far enough.  Civilized people do not conduct themselves as bigots, let alone anyone with a modicum of intellect.  Hate and bigotry are killing the U.S.

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