A Party of No Ideas

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Democrats have long labeled the Republican Party as having no ideas. As he tried to push their legislative agenda through the Congress, they stifled any input from just about every Republican and then proclaimed that the Republicans had no input and no ideas.

If we take a look at the economy today, we can recollect that the Democrats did have some ideas for how to fix it and to get America working, but they all failed. None of them worked. They spent money like there was no limit, ballooned the deficit like there was no consequence, and pushed through thousand plus page laws like there was no accountability.

Now, Democrats want me to put their faith in them as they convince you that fear and uncertainty will become certain if he failed to vote Democrat. A bad economy has not improved for what the Democrats call "Main St., America."The Democrats merely trying to impress us by trying to convince us that things could have been worse had they not created a massive deficits. As high unemployment rates continued for over a year even since passing their highly controversial stimulus package, Democrats are asking us for more time. They've had two years, how much more time to the meat? I guess they will need more time until Republicans were someone with ideas gets back in the office.

The Democrats have tried a couple of things-the stimulus package, spending money we don't have, and spending a lot more money that we don't have. None have produced the results America needs and wants. Now what do they have? Sit and wait. Americans have sat and waited for two years now for Democrats to do what they were elected for. Produce results. They have failed.

Democrats want us to view their success and the lack of it without standard. They believe that because they tried, they succeeded. Well they tried-saluted Napoleon at Waterloo. An E for effort does not produce results in the real world. Believing that they are smarter than everyone else, the Obama administration is basing their success on what they believe to be hard academic work. It has been an enormous failure.

Being out of ideas on how to fix the economy, liberal economists are actually coming out and praising the need for fraud. Yes, fraud. Greed is evil, but fraud is good according to progressives. Acknowledging that there has been fraud and misuse of funds in the stimulus package, (there is fraud in every government program), but they believe that the fraud getting into the wrong hands is good for the economy because the people who are on the receiving end of fraud will spend the money and that will stimulate the economy. So let's get this straight, greed is when someone asks you for your money and you give it to them. This is bad. Fraud is when someone takes money that does is not due them, and does not have enough integrity to redirect it to the right people, and this is good. Huh?

This line of thinking is consistent with the progressive ideology. Take from people who earn their money and give it to -- whoever. It doesn't matter, as long as they spend it-hopefully. Is this how we entrusted Democrats and liberals to fix our economy?

President Obama was telling people that fraud and abuse was actually wasting money. According to the president, we can save $500 billion for Medicare and loan by cutting out waste and abuse. Now according to administration economists, cutting waste and fraud is going to harm the economy. This type of inconsistency and confusion by the administration is helping to lead the country in the wrong direction. Too bad we can't vote these people out of office in November also.

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