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Can anyone effectively answer this question; does Russ Feingold deserve another term in the United States Senate?

Can he run on his record? In his current ads, he is once again trying to convince the voters that he is a maverick. He didn't like the bank bailout bill, so he voted against it. It passed anyway. Feingold was not a big fan of NAFTA. It passed anyway. Feingold does not like the patriot act. It passed anyway so how effective is this maverick voting? Not too good.

In Feingold so-called listening sessions, he had many constituents who are not in favor of the health care reform bill. At the time of its passage, most Americans did not favor it. Six months after its passage, most Americans still do not favor it. Yet Feingold, the self proclaimed senator who is on your side, voted along with the Democrat caucus and it became law.

Next month when Congress reconvenes in their lame Democrat session, Feingold along with the rest of his large majority in the Democrat party, will fuddle along long enough so that tax cuts cannot be implemented for the American people. They will call this progress. They should call it progressive.

It will be very convenient and easy for the Democrats to blame the Republicans on not being able to agree on continued tax cuts. So taxes will increase for everyone. President Obama and the Democrats claim that they cannot find $700 billion to replace the amount of the tax cut if enacted. The $700 billion hole is projected for 10 years. Yet they came up with $814 billion for stimulus bill that was supposed to create jobs yet was a huge failure. The unemployment rate will show that. And this $814 billion was spent over two years.

It's too bad that Democrats only know how to tax and spend. If deficits are created, Democrats believe that it's because they taxed too little. People who earn money are keeping much too large a portion of what they earn. It belongs to the government. It's time to cut spending. It's time to roll back some of this unneeded government spending. It's time to end the bailouts.

Is Russ Feingold listening? The answer is clearly no. This is evident in the amount of negative advertising that he is doing on his opponent, Ron Johnson. Not having an effective record that he can run on, what's left? Mudslinging and character assassination. Yes, it's part of politics, but it also gives an insight to the kind of character Finegold really is.

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