Sewer backups mean excrement in the basements.

Heavy rain. Sewer backups.



Unless we have another heavy rain between now and snow time, there is no need to concentrate on sewers and what sewers do in Shorewood and Whitefish Bay. There's no urgency.


Let's take it easy, even though our consultant said that the Board didn't listen to him last time (1997), even though he said we should act with urgency this time.


Maybe the whole issue will go away if we don't talk about it.   After all it did for the past decade.


Even if the doctor says we are likely candidates for heart attack, as long as we don't have one we're all right.  Maybe we won't get a heart attack if we just hold ever so still.  We've got a lot of time between now and Spring and perhaps a heart attack.  But if we don't believe in hearts attacks, we won't get one.


The agenda for Monday's Board meeting, September 20th, makes no mention of sewers anywhere on its pages. The agenda was set up by people who don't believe in heart attacks. Not even a mention of the the survey that was sent out last week.


We need a rest from this sewer stuff until next Spring when we have the reality of more sewer backups, the real thing.  Are things going to be different then?   Who knows? I've got a hunch that God is going to cure the whole thing. No more acts of God. No more sewer backups.


Don't listen to Joe Mangiamele, he only wants to attend the work sessions to disrupt real solutions to the sewer situation. He likes spoiling the game. He likes to point out that sewer backups bring excrement into our basements.


Why does he use that word? He doesn't like using the word flood, he prefers sewer backups and excrement. Naughty guy.  He seems to be praying for rain. 


We can only pray to God, please God no more acts of God, no more flooding, no more sewer backups because it isn't that we really don't know what to do, but that we could not afford to live here if we had to confront the problem directly.


We don't have the money to fix the sewers, we can't afford it. Most of us have to trade in our old cars for new ones at the end of the year. Those Germany and Japanese ones are the best, even at those high prices.


Besides, right now we are celebrating art at Atwater Park, the finishing of a soon-to-be heavily-traveled Capitol Drive, making it difficult for school kids to cross the street and the building of four story dwellings with underground parking.  Will higher density add to excrement in the basements in the Spring and will any of it get into the underground parking?


So please do your thing, God. Send us only gradual rain in the coming years. We're all praying for that, you know.


We can't afford a lot of rain. Please, don't let us go to devil on this one.

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