From time to time up until early November I shall comment on the up-coming elections.  Some random stuff:

The U.S. Senate seat in Wisconsin is truly a conundrum.  The Republican candidate will be challenged for his ridiculous comments about drilling in the Great Lakes, climate change is due to sun spots, and the lie that he never took federal money or even applied for it for his business.  That leaves me with Russ Feingold.  There are some things I like about him, but lots I do not, and some that have me scratching my head.  After sitting in the U.S. Senate chamber with then-Senator John Ashcroft, and after seeing that his constituents threw him out of office, Feingold voted to OK him for U.S. Attorney-General under Bush II.  Ashcroft is a loony of the first waters.  It doesn't take much to realize that immediately upon meeting Ashcroft.  He was offered as Attorney-General because the corporate power wanted a goof to join their other two goofs and puppets who they could pay off, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  Feingold fell for it.  I cannot forgive him for it.  Ashcroft immediately entered office by covering up nude statues.

When I was living in Kansas City I saw an interview on TV with the Governor of Wisconsin.  I had been gone from the state for a number of years and had not been following politics here.  I was absolutely astonished and flabberghasted to listen to Tommy Thompson represent my home state.  I thought to myself, "Wow, the people of Wisconsin have made a terrible mistake and will vote this hick out of office ASAP."  Boy, was I wrong.  Thompson just kept getting re-elected, getting the state deeper and deeper in a financial hole, womanizing, appearing drunk at public affairs, etc.    Thompson was a disgrace to the office, but because he appeared to be like the guy on the street in a small town, rural Wisconsin and the coroprations kept getting him elected.  The governors that followed were not any better ...from both parties.   The current race should be a slam-dunk for Tom Barrett, but he is Mayor of Milwaukee and like every major city mayor, the non-urban electorate have no idea what problems major cities in the rust-belt face.  Scott Walker would just be another low-class politician to carry on the recent history in Wisconsin.

If you want to have a horrible nightmare, consider this possible ticket for President in 2012: Gingrich-Palin or Palin-Gingrich.  Yikes!  A long-shot, but not impossible.  Some old cronies would say that in that case, America got what it deserved.  But what a price to pay!  [If I have to explain that, please move on to another blog, we are in different universes]

When Paul Ryan first ran for Congress, I wrote in my monthly newsletter that he was a young man to watch because he would be someone to reckon with in the future.  He has indeed evolved in the ranks of the Republican Party.  But he has not evolved intellectually or shown any truly practical suggestions in his well-promted program for America.  Like many right-wingers, he knows how to make complex problems sound very simple to solve.  If only...........   He has not become what I thought, but he has truly become a leader in his Party.

That brings me to my own Congressman, James Sensenbrenner.  Since Tom DeLay left Congress, Sensenbrenner has become a leading candidate for sleaziest in the House.  He never saw a bill he couldn't support, if it made money for him.  He talks about tax cuts, and then votes for wasteful spending in the military.  He even held Halliburton stock!  I believe you will find one of my confrontations with this pocket-filling, greedy guy at a search engine if you enter both of our names.  I confronted him in public about voting favorably for all the stock he owned when it was to be considered in Congress.  He responded that that is in a private trust that he knows nothing about.  I then responded, "Then how come I know it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel knows it, etc.?"  This guy is about as low as it gets.  I like to call him Elmer Fudd.

That does it for this issue of Election Ranting Schultz.  Get informed and vote.  You will not be informed if you rely on news from places like MSNBC, FOX, and the radio shouters.

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