Thunder and rain, nothing special.

Nothing special. Thunder and rain. Sewer backup.



It seemed as though that was thunder in the distance. Bang! That was over my head and I can hear the rain.   Well, now that I'm awake this early, I can take that morning pill, the one that needs to be on an empty stomach.


On” an empty stomach seems that it should be on the outside, while I'm lying down. But “on” sounds more official than “in.” How about “within?”


So much for that.   Now for making a a cup of coffee as quietly as possible. It's all the clicking that makes the wake-up noises.


And now what do I write about this morning?   The thunder, the rain, the pill with empty stomach, the clicking that comes with making coffee? 'Nothing exciting about that.


I'm thinking of the woman who said that every time it rains she gets back-up stuff in her basement.   We certainly can and must do something about that.   Every time? Even this morning?   Poor woman.


Oh. I forgot. I left the wheel barrel out last evening with the evergreen cuttings in it. That's going to be a mess this morning.


Now if I could only think about something special to write about before I have to empty that damn wheel barrel. 


Is that thunder again?   What's an airplane doing up there?



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