Upgrading of infrastructure will create jobs and pull us of this recession.

Upgrading local infrastures. Creating jobs. Investing in infrastructure.



Economists tend to discuss present situations in terms of what might have occurred in the past.


Today's great recession is nothing like any of the other recessions since WWII nor like the great depression.


Demand for consumer items in the past was achieved by increasing the number of people earning money so that they could buy things that would be produced here in the U.S.   We cannot expect jobs to materialize if people do not increase their buying and even then, the importation patterns are such that today many things would be bought abroad.


Consumer spending increases when more and more workers are employed and have money to spend. The only way that we can put Americans to work, is not by wishing for jobs that don't exist and that will not be created until we increase production here in this country. Which comes first the cart or the horse? Spending or jobs?


Billions of dollars can be spent in this country and people put to work if we begin upgrading the infrastructure of this country which has been deferred these many years. Upgrading infrastructure puts people to work in this country.


We should buy as many of the materials as possible in this country, which may attract firms that have gone abroad. Infrastructure building is long term investment and will pay its own way in the long run.


If for no other reason upgrading of infrastructures will create jobs and help pull us out of the recession. This will stimulate manufacturing here as well as create jobs here and increase demand for goods here which will begin to gradually pull us out of the recession. Jobs do come merely with the distribution of resumes' especially physical labor jobs.


We must think about the infrastructure of the future and begin investing in it now. This will begin pulling us out of this great recession. Increasing or decreasing taxes ain't going to do it.  It's the actual creation of jobs now that is needed.


Therefore, we need an overall long term infrastructure plan and a great series of specific plans over the whole country with immediate jobs programs to be carried out now. Even the appearance of this potential for jobs will get the economy stirred up once these plans are announced.


We can use some of that infrastructure upgrading here in Shorewood.  Let's get on with our sewer separation plan and apply for funds. 

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