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Sewer solution. Discussions with consultants.



It's been about two months since Shorewood experienced heavy rains and sewer backups.


Most of us know this. What we don't know is what Shorewood's Village staff and our sewer consulting engineer have added to this knowledge since that event two months ago.


Of course as Shorewood citizens, we are interested in the progress that is being made toward correcting our drainage problem.


I would like to know the manner in which we are moving and the evolution of the solution to this problem.  I would like to be talking to staff and to the engineer at the staff meetings that are taking place.


I don't think that progress reports at formal meetings are all that satisfying, but let's see for now.


We have a Village Board meeting on Monday. Couldn't our consulting engineer be present at the meeting and the “engineering progress” be put on the agenda to be discussed.


This is perhaps the most important subject of the year for most citizens of this community.


After two months, the problem from the citizen's point of view seems like so much dust being scattered into the sand and becoming invisible.  Let some of us be present at the work meetings.


Some thoughts as to what approach we might take as to management of our sewers and how to handle heavy rains in Shorewood must be developing.


And some of us, if not all of us want to be in at the early stages if we are to have any influence.  Are all of the Board members fully aware of what is going on.  Are any of them having any influence?


Let's start with placing this matter on the agenda and have the consulting engineer present at the Board meeting to explain the progress on Monday.  'See you Monday.

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