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Tonight marked the annual tradition of open house at school. As parents, we met the teachers, saw our child’s classroom, and got an early report as to how our child is doing in school.

But I believe that open house is designed with a greater purpose in mind. It was created to make us feel old. Once we got into the classroom, we were invited to sit at our child’s desk. In theory this is great but let’s face it; we are not kids anymore.

Okay, this may not be a problem for those parents in their younger years, say under forty; but for those of us well beyond four decades, sitting at our child’s desk was no easy assignment. We managed to squat down enough to fit in the small chair behind the small desk hoping not to bang our knees on the bottom of the desk.

I felt particularly old this open house. Monkey started middle school, Glen Hills Middle School; the same school that I attended some thirty plus years ago. It’s hard to believe that Monkey is in middle school. But don’t get me started on the subject of having fourth graders in a middle school. As you can gather, I don’t think it’s right.

What was scary is that I remembered my way around the school, the commons, the library, and the pool. House A, House C, and House D are still there, as is the band room and woodworking shop (now fancily called tech arts). The houses are no longer set up in the open classroom style of the 70’s. With walls and doors, they now look like traditional classrooms.

Then it happened, as if squatting down to sit in the small chair wasn’t enough to show my age, when we were given information about the allied arts teachers, I recognized one of the names. It was the name of a teacher that I had at Glen Hills those thirty plus years ago. How can this be? As kids, we all thought our teachers were ancient. He was my teacher, he cannot still be teaching. By now he really must be ancient! Or is it that as we get older, our frame of reference for age changes?

After Monkey’s teacher gave her presentation, class was dismissed. As we got up from our seats, the bones creaked, the knees hurt, and the back ached. Ouch! As parents we all quietly chuckled that we are not kids anymore.

As Silverback Gorilla and I left the school, I took a moment to pause and reflect. I thought about my time at Glen Hills and how I enjoyed it. Monkey has much to look forward to over the next several years.

My homework assignment - go lay on the heating pad. Ouch, my back.

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