Computer and two-fisted thinking.

Computer and thought. Language in evolution.



It seems that I have always been interested in language and its evolution but have been reading more about it in recent months.


I've marveled at how helpful the computer has become in my expression of thought. I never believed after learning typewriter techniques in my early years that the computer would become like voice and speech itself, now at a time when we can combine typing with the computer keyboard.


Up until a few days ago when my left hand became incapacitated, (I hope that this condition will last for only a number of days more) I've had to look at the letters of keyboard in order to type with one hand.  I also realize that much of the print on many of the keys has disappeared. This adds to the difficulty of visually locating the keys. Some are completely worn, some partially. So in a sense, I'm one finger typing.


But even my one hand typing is improving by the hour, even in locating keys without markings. I find that I'm occasionally using more than one finger. I cannot capitalize letters without minimal use of pressure from my left hand


What has this to do with language and with communicating? . Written communication for the time being for me has become one letter at a time, in a sense hand communication.


Although I could write with pen or pencil with my right hand, thoughts do not seem to develop as readily as they do as when I'm on the computer, perhaps in the same way that some writers do not always make great speakers.


Beside, distribution comes easier over the inter net. So now it's the computer keyboard that aids me with my thinking. How will it be affecting others in the future? ( L O, and E are the letters that have completely disappeared. V is still pretty bright. I don't think there's any significance in that, unless, it's V for victory).


Later on I'll be a two fisted writer again.

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