Dramatic solution. Sewers.

Immediate plans for handling our sewer problem.


The following recommendations have been made over past weeks and their restatement here are for the purpose of  viewing them as one system in one place and to be contemplated as they await action by the Shorewood Village Board:


ESTABLISHMENT of an Advisory Drainage Commission,


DEVELOPMENT of a plan to replace our ancient sewer system,


DESIGN AND INSTALL of an 8-foot diameter ground water sewer line under our sidewalks,


ORGANIZATION of a visual system of inspections to determine health risks and estimate costs of clean-ups and restorations in properties that have experienced the most recent of sewer backups, and


SETTING UP a Village system of indemnity for sewer backup damages.


This seems a logical way to face up to our sewer problem in the immediate future.





However, Shorewood needs also to maintain its reputation over the long run. If a dramatic announcement were made such as the design of a self-contained sewer system that would both store storm water and slowly channel it to our local water bodies, this would get the attention of many.


The Romans would have declared construction of a large conduit leading to Atwater Park  with a cleansing systm there, a construction that would serve as the base of a beautifully designed embankment park.


Shorewood of course is not a Roman Provence of ancient times, but we have the ability to come with our own and modern “dramatic solution.” And the sooner the better.

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