How About New Spending?

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Why does America need a new stimulus package? Could it be... the last one failed?

As sure as the sun comes up in the East, the Democrats have a new way of getting the American economy back to growth-more spending. For over two years now, we have been hearing that America needs shall already projects. America will get back to work with shovel ready jobs. America's infrastructure will be the best in the world again with shovel ready project. This work will be done with shovel ready jobs. I don't know how many shovels are ready, but it's been getting pretty deep.

President Obama announced a new project for a six-year plan that will upgrade the nation's infrastructure. Six years? This is similar to Lenin's five-year plan? Six years? Does he actually think he is going to have a second term? But, as far fetched as a second Obama term seems, we have elected presidents that have been historically rated as failures. Nixon and Grant come to mind.

President Obama also claimed that these projects would not add to the federal deficit. So what's not being explained? Higher taxes? Cutting spending elsewhere? Okay, let's get serious. Under any Democrat plan, there will not be any spending cuts anywhere. Not even for food stamps like they think they did last time. They going to cut military spending? We're down to only one unfunded war now. Reallocate some misspent stimulus funds? No, turtle bridges are much too important.

We are going to have shovel ready jobs again that are going to get America working immediately. Again. All right, not right away but perhaps next year. Democrats are banking on the American electorate to be so stupid as to not ask questions. The administration just simply wants people to think that they are doing something correctly. But after two years of completely miss managing the economy, what makes them think that they are going to finally get things right? Luck? A miracle? Allah?

We have to remember that right after the election, the task force that Obama put together to see if we need higher taxes is going to make their recommendation. We'll lame-duck members of Congress vote to raise taxes? Will they create a value added tax for the first time in American history? Do they want to assure themselves that they will never be elected again? What if the Republicans screw up again? We could find ourselves in two years again looking to switch party affiliations. Will America seesaw back and forth until it finds the right combination and balance so that we can bring back prosperity?

Let's hope not. The time for America to stop flailing has come. We have seen what is not working. We tried larger government, higher taxes, letting special interest influence legislation, and none of these has worked. We cannot spend our way to prosperity. Some Democrats in Congress have actually said that we can. I don't know who they are, that involves too much research to find out who. But it was the same congressmen who said he was giddy about the price of the health care bill. Perhaps his constituents will be giddy if he gets voted out of office.

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