Desperation Autumn

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Contrary to what they've been saying, Democrats are watching the recent polls. Although it's not looking too good for them, Republicans have to be cautious and off not think that they've got victories all sewn up. Yes, the question remains; if they are handed back control of Congress, will they be effective stewards? Will they be able to steer America in the right direction again?

Well, we know that the Democrats want to continue on this course of economic destruction, government overreach, higher taxes, redistribution of wealth, and the end of American superiority. President Barack Obama's speech in Milwaukee on Labor Day can be summarized in one word: pathetic. But, why should we expect more from this failure of a president? He continues his old rhetoric of taking shots at Republicans for not being bipartisan while he himself considers bipartisanship by simply agreeing to Democrat proposals. No margin of compromise. He believes the American people have amnesia and don't remember the previous administration. Yet he wants them to have amnesia by not being able to recognize the failures of the economic policies that his administration has implemented.

Obama expects contrition from the Republicans. Does he actually expect them to say that they have screwed up? If he does, then he shouldn't be admitting that his mistakes have cost this country dearly. This stimulus act was a complete failure. The Democrats have no record to run on. Unemployment climbed soon after Obama took office and has remained high ever since. Some economists are predicting a double dip recession yet for many Americans, we haven't gotten out of the first one.

Obama repeatedly claims that the Republicans have no new ideas on how to fix the economy. Well, when you're not listening, no ideas can be heard. Can we honestly say that the economic recovery act has helped? Was it worth the cost? To answer these-if it has, it certainly was not.

I'm also sick and tired of hearing Obama's metaphor on the economy as related to driving a car in the ditch. Talk about no new ideas-no new metaphor. It is also not up to Obama on who he has the helm of the economy. If it was, Obama should have taken control and steered the economy to recovery. That's what he was elected for. For not getting our money's worth for Obama either.

The Democrats are becoming desperate for ways on what they can do to maintain control of the houses of congress. If they would have been effective stewards, they would not be in such dire straits today. They've had their chance, yet it was squandered. Are we better off today than we were two years ago? If you say yes, you must be a union member working for the federal government.

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