Communities like Shorewood and Whitefish Bay develop reputations over many years. The school systems, the quality of services and the location contribute to the value of the properties.


The tax bases of these communities are the consequence of these overall elements and perhaps summing up their long term reputations much as the reputations of cars displayed in their sales rooms.


Shorewood and Whitefish Bay have taken some serious blows in their reputations lately during heavy rains when their services proved to be inadequate and which could be reflected in further decline of assessed values.


This decline as well as that of the housing market is going to add to the difficulties of community funding in the coming years.


All the efforts to improve the business climate and to subsidize commercial building development in Shorewood is likely to be wiped out as a result.


It would seem that urgent and aggressive action by the Board's of these communities would contribute to improving their reputation.


For example, if Shorewood were to announce, fairly soon, that it was going to install an unique and innovative rain water handling system as part of our sidewalk plans that this would show that the people of this community were open to innovative solutions and we're an alert community--“watch what we can do.”


If we wait too long to take dramatic action of this type, our tarnishing reputation may gain various degrees of permanencies. So let's show some high energy in our ability to come up with new solutions in Shorewood.

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