Attack (on) the Economy

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Are we getting mixed messages from the Obama administration? It seems like only a couple months ago, Vice President Joe Biden was out talking this as Recovery Summer. More recently, President Barack Obama, fresh off a two-week vacation in which he could ignore his constituency and concentrate more on what the polls are telling us, comes out and says he needs to do a full scale attack on the economy. What would this attack do? Is he trying to make it worse? From what we have seen in the past two years, I think he is.

The Democrats who still want to be associated with the president, are telling us that we cannot go back to the policies of the previous administration. In their next breath, the defender failing economic policies of the present administration by saying that it took eight years to mess things up, how can we make things better in only two? This line of thinking of course assumes that you are so stupid that you have absolutely no memory and no knowledge of history. The first six years of the Bush administration were years of economic growth for most Americans. But, because the last two years lead to a recession and the financial crisis, all eight years are being blamed for leading up to what happened.

The policies of this administration have clearly failed. The stimulus package cost more than the Iraq war and has created fewer jobs. Even taking into account the cost of the war, the budget deficits of the past two fiscal years are quadruple the worst year of the Bush administration. So what is the plan to attack this stagnating economy? We know what the answer is-more of the same of the past two years. More spending, more finger-pointing, more government control, more taxes and fewer liberties.

The president is even planning another trip to Wisconsin. When he was here a couple of weeks ago, someone forgot to tell him that Russ Feingold is also running for office and is a Democrat. No more of that maverick talk, Feingold needs to stand up next to the President and tell him that he voted for the stimulus spending, he voted for health care reform, and is ready to vote for our climate bill that will raise taxes, raise or utility bills, put more government control our lives and push more jobs out of the state creating more government dependence for the citizens

President Obama wants to continue to spend without limit and blame the Republicans for standing in his way. With the large Democratic majorities elected in the last election, Republican ideas have already been stifled. What happened to the bipartisanship that was promised us? I thought Barack Obama was going to be the president to bring everyone together. We were so tired of the bipartisanship from our last president, but why did it get worse? How about consulting someone who's had some business experience? It's clear that the only thing that Barack Obama can run is a golf cart.

How long are we supposed to wait for America to return to greatness? Is this our new normal? Are we supposed to be satisfied with mediocrity and decline? If we are, then let's stay the course.

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