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In order to keep a focus on our drainage and sanitary system and the condition and upgrading of these liquid flows in our community, I would recommend that the Village President establish a community Advisory Drainage Commission that would keep up with drainage conditions in Shorewood and study and make regular recommendations to the Village Board as to required improvements as well as report the progress of day-to-day overall improvements..


This advisory commission would not only have a practical operational function as assigned it by the Board but its establishment and function would upgrade the reputation of this community as one that faces its serious problems directly and works toward appropriate solutions. The value of our homes are involved here, as well.


The Advisory Commission should operate independently and make its recommendation to the Village Board.


Five members would be appointed by the president for a five year period with the seat of each member expiring each of the first five years to begin with and the members electing its chairperson each year.


If this were done soon it would serve both as a practical action to assure the citizens that things are happening on a daily basis and not merely at Board meetings but it would also serve as a good public relations move.


However, I don't expect that this idea would receive the slightest consideration by the Board, even if it came from someone else. But I make this suggestion so that readers can regard the various ways some of these problems could receive continuous attention.


Some of us may be wondering if anyone is doing anything this very day about improving our sewer situation. How would we know?


Is anyone reporting back to us on a short term and regular basis? Even a weekly newsletter? Is anyone working on this problem today? Are Board members having some innovative thoughts about this after the special meeting? Probably not.


Can we get in on any staff meetings that may be going on? Let's get an Advisory Drainage Commission that would do that and would focus on this problem everyday.


I know this is not going to happen. We can only expect the same type of progress experienced over the past 20 years. But I'm hoping for a surprise or I wouldn't be writing.  


Mr Johnson, president of Shorewood's Village Board, can we get a surprise, a response from you?

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