Barry Needs a Vacation

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Coming off his vacation in the Gulf Coast, President Obama heads up to Martha's Vineyard for another much-needed vacation. All is well in America. All as well if we believe our president. President Obama promised us that he would not rest until the economy had recovered. President Obama promised he would not rest until the Gulf Coast had been restored to its original beauty. President Obama promised us that he would not rest until everyone who is looking for a job can find one. Now that he is resting, we can put a checkmark in the completed column for these issues. If condition B. occurs, that means condition A has been met, right? Perhaps were not supposed to include math or logic in these postings.

In another week or so, the president will be back touring the country at taxpayer expense to raise money for Democrats. The administration wants to dupe America into believing we should reelect your Democrats. The Americans will have to be duped because as we have seen, we cannot use logic to believe that the Democrats have put into place some policies that have actually worked.

But Democrats can't even run on their own record. After passing their landmark health-care reform, the majority of Americans want it repealed. We're finding out that it is not lowering costs, but raising them and costing jobs in the long run too. Financial reform has not helped the economy. Perhaps we haven't given it enough time to start working. But if it's like anything else that the administration has passed, we will have to wait a long time.

Democrats are still blaming Bush. George Bush apparently caused all the problems that Barack Obama cannot solve. Well, we elected him to solve them, why hasn't he? It's too hard. Obama is in over his head. Boaters have found out that they have elected an inexperienced community organizer that has absolutely no idea on how to tackle the problems facing the nation today. Saying anything to get elected worked to get elected, but how many more years do we have to wait to seek results?

The economy is still in bad shape and is once again getting worse. After spending over $800 billion in stimulus money, the economy is sputtering again and job creat on has yet to occur. However, if we disagree with the Democrats, it can only be one of two reasons: we are either uneducated or bigots. The so-called party of the people does not listen to anyone other than their own ilk but it comes to tolerating someone else's opinion. You're either a redneck or a teabagger. That's their words, not mine.

So why did President Obama come to Milwaukee last week? The flood victims were waiting for him to come in like the knight in shining armor to give some FEMA relief money to the victims of the flood. Well, he raised over $300,000 for Tom Barrett's campaign, but not one thin dime for flood relief. That's because the administration doesn't help out the individual. They only help out collectively, so you would have to be a flood victim that's a member of a union like SEIU. That way no relief money will go to a Republican. But look on the bright side, flood victims, you'll have a train that will take you from Milwaukee to Madison. Isn't that much better than direct relief?

Well, sit back and relax. Take a vacation to follow the lead of our president. He has either solved the problems or he hopes that we will forget that he is an out of touch elitist.

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