Combined sewer systems. Storm water drainage. Government decisions. Problem denial and avoidance.



Years ago, those decision-makers in Shorewood's local government decided to combine two sewer functions, that system that would carry away our rare sewage with the need to dispose of storm water indirectly into the Lake.


This seemed a sensible decision at the time.  We have inherited what today has turned out to be a mistake. The system cannot handle this combined function and treat the sewage that's to be passed on to the Lake in a fairly cleared form.  We must all agree on that.  Let's not carry on this mistake.


Our storm water must be handled by a separate system so that the high volumes of storm water that we have been experiencing must be moved more rapidly and separately from our sanitary flow. This is the problem as we must define it today.


The solution is simply to provide a separate storm water system. It's that simple.


We cannot find any real solution within our present system.


The real problem behind this solution is over government's inability to make this decision.  We've been avoiding this decision for decades. And that's another mistake.


Now. Here and now, this decision is being made for you by the citizens of ShorewoodRecognize it as the solution. And develop plans and a design for this new system as quickly as possible so that it can be installed without delay.


We have gone with a period of indecision for far too long.  More delay cannot be tolerated.


We must start out with the decision that we need a separate and sufficiently large storm water system with more than the capacity to carry away our storm water.


Without making this decision, the citizens of Shorewood must consider that all other efforts are attempts at avoidance, of not facing up to the problem or the larger one, the inability of our local government to make the decision.  This decision is more important than Capitol Drive and new condominiums and apartments.


If evidence of the necessary actions to be taken are not definitely indicated in the matter of days, then the citizens must act.


Thus, they may ask the trustees to resign and declare a special election or the citizens must call for a recall election.  What else can they do in the face of indecision and when presented with the most serious problem that Shorewood faces today.


The best and most effective answer to our problem would be for the Village Board to decide to design the new system as indicated here.  For it seems that we had a lot of rain last night and that we will have more today.  And what about the rest of the week and for years to come?


We inherited a system that no longer works nor meets the requirements for today and needs to be traded in for a new one. Am I that far wrong?

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