Paying the unemployed while getting an education, a similar program as to the Veteran Education plan after WWII.

Educating the unemployed. Education of individual minds.

Education, in the “true sense,” I believe, is the aid given in helping each individual to develop his or her own mentality.


There are certain basics that have gone before that seem necessary, the language itself and mathematics, although each person may do better with one over the other.


We seem to have developed fixed methods of testing both teachers and student in this regard without testing mental development.


The danger here lies in the collective predetermination of specific pieces that become organized and are to be superimposed on individual mentalities. I've come to believe that we must help guide each mind as it comes to gripe with each subject that appears basic.


Although learning what is known is an important collective, learning “about” what is known is an individual matter.


It is the mind that we are aiding and developing in terms of the subject. The subject should usually be suspect as it is the result and development of the collective systems and rules. The mind may be aided by rules and systems but is always to be considered as one of a kind.


This somewhat presents the basis of what I describe as education and when I speak of educating adults or our children, I believe that these notions guide my views.. Each student should be “taught” as one person. But the economics of mass society do not permit this. Then we must find the best economic methods which at the present time seem to be our “public schools” and universities.


In the coming period of great unemployment and underemployment we have the opportunity to begin giving attention to the individual's education, especially in this period that may become a time of many idle adults. This overall idleness must be converted to a great period of education.


The collective aspect of this new economic process will be to pay adults while they seek education and develop their individual minds. Our schools should as much as possible be oriented in that way.


The individual contribution shall then be what is given in turn to society. Therefore, this period of unemployment must become a period of education and even, one might say, of re-education.


I'd appreciate any comments on this subject.

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