"JOB" or the HUMAN MIND?

Jobs. Education. The human mind. Collective thinking.



Although I'm making it a point to concentrate on the correction of Shorewood's sewer systems, for a moment, for this posting, at least, I want to get our minds off the sewer question.


I want to deal with the mind itself. The human mind has developed into an organic mechanism beyond that required for survival. It has enabled us to act collectively moving in a direction that diminishes its growing potential as when the mind functions on its own.


We could list hundreds and perhaps thousands of great minds. But when acting collectively, we act as a culture, as a society, as a group, as a gang. The human mind then turns into part of an expanded organism that lines up thought so that it gives up its individual thoughtfulness usually to a common denominator and level where a leader or party can take over thought processes.


There is a name for this, “politics.” But society itself is a form of madness run with injections of political madness.  How we come together in our every day survival activities also becomes part of that social madness that some describe as “economics.”


I suppose economics is how as societies we deal with both individual and collective survival.   In the most recent of this social survival process we've engaged in huge factory operations that program certain activities that one person can do, called a “job.”


The social idea of a job has many facades. One, is going to work on a regular basis and collecting a weekly check. The human being is no longer the essential element of production he or she once was. Now we have robots as well that can do the”job”.


Our abilities to travel the world dilute the community nature or community as part of the productive function. This process is referred to as out-sourcing, sending jobs over seas, finding cheap labor there. So that working as a community member has lost most of that social characteristic.


Therefore, the call for “jobs, jobs, jobs” has little to do for survival either for individual or community. It has moved into the political realm. And even the cry for “jobs” has lost whatever meaning it might have had.


So the collective mind is on the road to madness when it pretends to operate in the field of economics, a field of madness when it uses the magic term “jobs.” The idea of jobs will no longer be the same. It is only a historical term in the ephemeral field of economics and collective thinking.


What is needed today, especially in the United States is the manner by which the individual alone and within the family and perhaps within the community can find the means to survive. Some will find the “job” once prevalent, most will not.


Therefore, even job-related health insurance is not a very good idea., especially as more and more jobs disappear.  The concept of insurance, let alone health insurance is not a very good idea, even in the  total realm of “economics.”


It seems to become clear that the individual human mind as long it sticks to survival is the way to go and one of things that society seems to do best with all its faults is what we call “education.”


Perhaps the cry should be, “education.” “education” with a similar form of pay as jobs until one attains a survival activity. I would say let's go with the best of humanity, the human mind and the best way to educate it.

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