Allah is Fine with Obama

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It often seems like President Barack Obama needs to do little else to prove to the American people that he is completely out of touch with them. I don't personally know anyone who was killed on Sep 11, 2001 in the terrorist attacks in New York City. I believe rebuilding the towers is taking too long and there is far too much emphasis on the memorial process to try to appease the people who lost loved ones. However, building a mosque two blocks away from the Ground Zero site is a slap in the face to every American. I find the president's comments completely offensive.

According to the administration, the Americans should be tolerant of the Moslems. Well, we can be, but it doesn't mean that they should be building a mosque two blocks away from the site where extremist Islamic radicals destroyed a symbol of America. So why is it that tolerance can only be defined when the Americans give up their freedoms and liberties for someone else's? New York Governor Paterson even offered to provide a different site. But, because the administration does not like him and wants to kick him out of office, that idea was completely shot down. Shot down like the towers.

The progressive movement in the United States should not be proclaiming that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were an inside job. The current administration is doing more to move forward an agenda of Islamic radicalism than they could ever accuse George W. Bush of.

Why are we fighting two wars? Why are we in Afghanistan? The Obama administration is not standing up to the enemy that we are being told we are fighting. At what point will they admit they are surrendering? This administration is so yellow bellied it is even afraid of Glenn Beck. How is it to earn the respect of the American people?

President Obama said he does not comment on the wisdom of his decision. However, you can hear the smirk in his voice. He clearly supports a mosque at Ground Zero. Could this be just another diversion for the administration? If we're talking about a mosque, were taking our mind off the failed policies of the stimulus program, the high unemployment, the coming regulations and higher taxes, and so forth. There's so many things going wrong in America, it's hard to fathom how fast we have gotten here. If we don't change course soon, where is this going to lead us? Are we still going to be able to stand up for the America that this country has stood for for over 200 years?

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