Elected leaders. Importance of sewers.



I've been talking to a couple whom I know quite well and that own their home in Shorewood which they'd like to sell and then move into one of the new apartments that are being build here. Good luck on selling the home.


Then they wouldn't have to worry about sewer back-ups, especially if they live on one of the upper floors. I reacted, “let's hope that the elevator equipment is not in the basement.”  I was feeling rejected. 


Then I wondered, as to whether these condos and apartments that the Village is responsible for building have any had sewer backups?


If not, what's the secret?  Of course they are adding to the sewage?  Is it fair that  they are adding to the sewage and not suffering any backups?  Can anyone tell us if these places have experienced any back-ups?  If they are adding sewage, wouldn't it be fair that  they suffer back-ups?  At  least, let's find out why not.  Perhaps we can see some humor in this.


Some citizens have asked for a prohibition on new development that adds to the problem of sewer back-ups. How will this whole situation now affect our redevelopment programs? Of course we need a good infrastructure if we are going to  intensify our development.  Intedification of development is a question we have to put off until later. 


So some people expect that  the sewer situation will decrease the value of our homes, indirectly reduce the reputation of our village and slow down sales of homes and reduce the process of development and redevelopment even further.  Will new development values and the pace of development be affected?  Most homeowner are of course concerned.


Perhaps this will effect the high cost of land and thus of the rent that operates against business wanting to locate in the Village?  But this sort of situation may not be the kind we want.  What are our immediate and long term costs if we leave everything alone?


Look here, we're not stuck out here,those of you who have volunteered to serve us on the various boards to represent us and to lead us as you said you would when you were running for office, what are we going to do about this sewer mess?  You are not alone.  We are all of us in this thing together.  Let's all work together. 


I don't believe that you or any of us has had to face up to such huge task that we have here before us.  It's going to cost millions and we have been putting it off too long.  Now is the time.  And if no one steps up to lead us we are in big trouble. 


Village officials, you are our only leaders and now is the time to represent us. Now is the time to lead us as you once believe  you could.  Some officials claim less knowledge of sewers and our sitution than many citizens do.  And we can understand this.


This is no time for politics.  You volunteered and ran to lead in times like this.  And its going to be a big job and many of the citizens of Shorewood want to help, for we must all succeed tegether.   So now is the time for all of us to work together.  Most of us are willing to help.


But you have the leadership reins and authority in your hands.   We need you right away!  So let all of us work together to get the sewer system that we need right away.    

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