New sewers needed.





Sewer back-ups. We know that many people experience raw sewage in their basements almost every time it rains.  These basements become sort of septic tanks, retaining tanks for sewage.


So it's the rain that causes the back up of raw sewage.


Its seems that everything would be all right if it never rained.  The problem is the ground run-off water, the excessive rain water that taxes the capacity of our sewers.  Simple enough.


The solution too seems to be a simple one, build a a large drainage system that will handle these large water run-offs that we've been experiencing or separating the rain water from the sewage. 


We've been living fairly free on the systems that previous generations paid for.  Now that our sewers are too old and dysfunctional, let's build our own drainage systems for future generations. 


We can pay for the systems over 20 years and bequeath them to future generations as past generations did for us.


So the solution here in Shorewood is a large drainage system.  If we say this over and over it may sink in.  But we must be careful with the word "sink".


We  must of course, pay for the new system  ourselves. Not all at once.


We can finance it over 20 years. The system will add to the value of our homes instead of detracting from the value, as it would do if we leave things as they are.  The special assessment will be passed on to each new owner until paid. 


Now how do we accomplish this?


Get our leaders to lead the way.  What does our Shorewood Business Improvement District think of this? What about our Planning Commission?  What about Community Development?  What about Public Works? What does the Village Board think of this?


Are we not going to get a word nor hear  from any of these people on the stage again?  Or will we have to wait for the next storm to use our basements as sewage retention  tanks and then be given another review of history by the Board, staff and paid consultants?



Our titular leader in Shorewood is the President of the Village Board, Guy Johnson.  All right, Guy. Let's say it.  


 “We're going to design a new system by year's end and we're going to start building it at the beginning of the year."


Pretty simple. Then let's go.  What else is there to do or say?   Anyone?   What's holding us back?  Tell us.  Why can't we get a new system.  There must be some solution?  Tell us there's a solution. 


Let's get it underway.

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