Sewer bonds. Political leadership. Sewers are a cost of community operation.



Let's get this straight. Modern community's, mainly cities and their suburbs when planned reasonably are built on infrastructures that can handle those needs required by the community.


A historical review of Shorewood's sewer system provided by village officials at recent meetings proves that our sewer system does not work during rather normal times, let alone when the best is required of it.


It's been indicated that the system leaks and along with interconnections of storm water and sanitary waste partially contaminating and running into reservoirs of already insufficient capacity when maximum efficiency is required causes regurgitation of raw sewage into peoples' homes.


Would anyone go to a community health center with comparable dysfunctional or inadequate facilities when a serious medical operation is required, or board a flight with similar dysfunctional elements?


Our sewer system must be designed to function adequately during the worst of weather conditions.


Most automobile manufactures advertise that their cars are safe at the time of an accident, at the worst driving event as well as during a regular driving experience. Our sewer system should be so designed.


We have an old dysfunctional car when it comes to our sewer system. The main requirement now is a decision to buy a new car, a new sewer system. Shorewood's president Johnson must make this decision before we can go ahead with proper correction and engineering of our sewer system.


It's fairly simple. We need a new system and cannot avoid the cost of new system as we must pay more perhaps for constant repair of this old dysfunctional one.  And we don't want even one inch of raw sewage in our basements 


Please read my previous posting calling for President Guy Johnson to lead us in this decision and in the implementation of a new sewer system. And please, let's have your comments. If Johnson is not going to lead us, who is?

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