Sewer bonding. Political leadership.


Shorewood's citizens called for leadership tonight in handling the community's sewer crisis--LEADERSHIP.


They demand a sewer system that works and keeps raw sewage and rain water out of their homes. A plan with a real and immediate solution is required. No bureaucratic dodging and no finger pointing at other agencies or past boards and consultants.


We need an engineering firm that will tell us what this real solution is and what it will cost. We'll find out how to pay for it an not avoid its implementation because of cost.  Amsterdam Holland doesn't have raw sewage backup.  None of the canal communities do. 


Twenty-year bonding is one good financial alternative, an assessment to each property over 20 years.  


Now on the LEADERSHIP part. President of the Shorewood Board Guy Johnson must announce by the last of these sewer basin or district meetings, announce that he is going to take charge and produce a new sewer system plan by the end of the year and begin implementing it by early Spring.  Hold a press conference.  The press will certainly be there. 


This is his calling and what he's been president of this broad for these years. Now is the time. He must zero-in on this project and get the rest of the board to follow.  Otherwise we are sunk as a community.


What will our reputation be next year and the year following—five and ten years from now, if we don't act now in a forceful manner. Only President Johnson can take charge and he must take charge.


Mark my words. If he doesn't do this, all of Shorewood's sewer history lessons are for naught.  And all the defensive talk by our officials is going to dig us further into this sink hole. These defensive gestures are not going to help Shorewood's future.


What we need is positive LEADERSHIP now. Guy step up to the plate.


What do citzens of Shorewood think, or does it matter?  Shouldn't we give the president of our village board our support in this necessary and required positive LEADERSHIP?   

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