The Summer of Recovery Nears the End

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It seems like only yesterday when we were anticipating the advent of the summer of recovery. Now, it seems like summer is over. It's not because we've torn off several pages of our calendar, it's not because of the hot weather is gone, and it's not because the children are back in school already. It's because there is no summer recovery. It was all an illusion. It was like one of those happy dreams that we wake up from all too early.

It was too early for the Liberals anyway. They thought they had done all their heavy lifting and now all they have to do is walk around the country and bask in their accomplishments. We'll accomplishments don't mean that we have achieved the results that this country needs-we are not back on the right track. We are still very much on the wrong track.

Progressives believe that we have accomplished major legislation which will fundamentally change America. That may be true, but it's not the change we need. I'm getting tired of President Barack Obama's analogy of the country being a teenager with a car. I'm tired of the ditch analogy and I'm tired of the president making a mockery out of the growing majority of people who disapprove of his performance on the job. But Democrats have narrowed it down to their own simple belief. If you disagree with them, you are either ignorant or a bigot. And this comes from a group of people who believe that they are the ones who are most respective of other people's opinions and of other people's views.

Spending $862 billion did not do the trick. It is the American taxpayer who got tricked. As an example, every two weeks, the Democrats come out and want to spend more money to save teachers jobs. Didn't they save teachers jobs twice with the stimulus money? Now, Nancy Pelosi has to call Congress back in session to vote on another teacher bailout. Apparently the summer of recovery will only appease a teachers union.

Jobless numbers are also representative of an economic plan that has failed. Even if you compare Obama's jobless numbers to the number of months that Ronald Reagan had similar jobless numbers, Obama is almost at the same number of months that the jobless rate has exceeded 9%. And Obama promised us a jobless rate capped at 8 1/2%. Who needs to have their car keys taken away? How about reigning in a few Air Force One trips?

The Obama administration believes the solution to everything is more spending. More government involvement. More taxation. At what point will we finally see positive results? The president claims the Republicans have no ideas. Well when you've already concluded that you're going to close your ears and not hear anything, you won't be open to new ideas. Should we stay the course? Definitely not.  Well, America is ready to get back on track. As the president has asked, did we put it in D. to go forward? Perhaps the country should consider putting it in R. It's time to go back. Back to prosperity.

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